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Training, Diversity and Mobility

At Tarkett, we are committed towards employees’ talents, motivating them for satisfying careers, and empowering them through training, internal mobility and encouraging diversity throughout the organization. Tarkett insures its capacity to have the right talents at the right places for sustainable growth.


As a wordwide compagny operating in more than 100 countries, DIVERSITY is an asset for tarkett.

We have the chance to work at Tarkett with people with a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience, talents and cultural backgrounds.


From their very first day, new employees participate in programs and trainings helping their integration into the business, and welcomes them into the world of Tarkett culture, products, principles and operations.


At the heart of this process is the Performance and Development Dialogue that allows employees and managers to share constructive feedback, assess performance and plan development needs and goals.


Annual talent reviews enable us to better prepare each individual's evolution and anticipate organizational changes.

In 2016, the Group conducted more than 3,534 talent reviews.


Throughout theirs career, courses are offered to employees in key competencies, management development and in ethics. Beyond individual training, which constitutes the bulk of trainning efforts conducted by Tarkett, the Group has implemented over recent years the following transversal programs : 

  • 1,244 employees trained in "Manager @ Tarkett" since 2009
  • 1,119 employees trained in "Project Management @Tarkett" program since 2009
  • Employees are further in product knowledge throught the Tarkett Academy. Since 2010, these programs has been enriched by a distance learning "e-campus Program"
  • 54% of our people have been trained at least 1 day in total in 2016


Tarkett established a transparent internal mobility policy. Vacancies are published internally. The Group also created the International Mobility Committee, with HR leaders of each division, in order to review Tarkett employees' mobility interest in the context of compagny needs.


Key for Tarkett operational exellence, the World Class Manufacturing program's success is due in part to the training which it provides to employees locally.