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St. Nazaire Cité Sanitaire, St. Nazaire, France

Country: France 

City: Saint-Nazaire

Type of project: Healthcare 

Tarkett products installed: Tarkett iQ Granit

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With a total surface of 93.000m2 and 800 hospital beds the Cité Sanitaire de St. Nazaire has been designed to cover the medical needs of 300.000 inhabitants of the St. Nazaire region.

Conceived as a HQE building (High Environmental Quality standards in France), the brand new hospital complex has been designed based on horizontal organizational schemes and favours a linear traffic flux. To assist the movements of personnel and patients, color has been used as a language designating respective areas in a linear manner and favouring the orientation in the building. In order to address both the ecological character of the building as well as the need for clear colour coding, Tarkett’s iQ Granit vinyl variety was chosen. With a 2mm wear layer iQ Granit is not only extremely resilient (indention resistance), but offer an excellent hygienic performance, is 100% recyclable and offers a large range of bright matching colours.