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Romania, Synevo Laboratory

Tapiflex Excellence as the design center piece of the Synevo Laboratory, Romania.

With the completion of the Synevo Central Medical Analysis Laboratory, the image of the Romanian medical industry experienced a considerable refresh, both from the point of view of the facility’s quality standards as well as the architectural concept. 

Chosen due to its environmentally friendly characteristics, as well as its acoustic and aseptic attributes, the Tarkett vinyl flooring variety  from the Tapiflex Excellence collection adds a touch of colour and design, contrasting with the green and fuchsia furniture of the offices and the white and gray ones of the laboratories. At the same time, the patterns of the flooring mark the various facility functions, acting as a map on a 1:1 scale. Thus the 6.000 m2 installed throughout the concept formed the center piece to bring the architectural design concept to life.