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Romania, Sanador Hospital

Bright colours transform the Snandor Hospital in Bukarest into a warm, human space.

Boasting a total surface of 19 000 m2, with three underground levels, a ground floor and 10 upper floors, the building opens towards the street through a modern façade, where the rigidity of the metal framework is tempered by the presence of generous glazed surfaces, the recently-opened Sanador Hospital challenges this general preconception offered by a hospital complex of this kind. 

The architect chose to work with a high quality Tarkett Linoleum XF floor, a product made from 100% renewable raw materials and recently awarded the Cradle to Cradle® Silver Certificate. Apart from its technical qualities of being abrasion resistant, durable, comfortable and easily maintained, this innovative material invites architects to use their full creativity within the selection process of the flooring design.

Fully aware of the fact that the environment that houses the medical process has a considerable influence upon a patient’s wellbeing, the newly-opened Sanador hospital thus combines professionalism with a warm, human touch.