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At Tarkett, products have no longer an end of life but an end of use. We aim to transform waste into resources or new products at equivalent or even better quality.


We ensure that manufacturing waste and scraps are reintegrated into the production process.

Progress (2016 figures): 8,900 tons have been collected from post-installation and post-consumer flooring and sports surface products in 2016.

2020 Objective: double tons collected vs 2010 baseline


From the field

We have developed a take-back program (ReStart) in North America and Europe to collect and recycle clean post-installations and used post-consumer flooring, through our 8 in-house recycling centers.

In North America, Tarkett seeks to promote the circular economy and encourages its customers to collect and recycle flooring by awarding the "ReStart" prize to the customers that recycle the largest quantities of used flooring. 

For more details, read our CSR report of the 2016 registration document