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At Tarkett, products have no longer an end of life but an end of use. We aim to transform waste into resources or new products at equivalent or even better quality.


We use recycled materials from our own production sites in our various recycling centers. We also recycle materials from other industries, and from post-installation and post-used flooring (ReStart® program).

Progress (2016 figures): 8,900 tons have been collected from post-installation and post-consumer flooring and sports surface products in 2016.

2020 Objective: double tons collected vs 2010 baseline

For more details, read our CSR report of the 2016 registration document

ReStart® program

We have developed a take-back program, ReStart®, to help customers to manage their flooring waste from job installation, collecting off-cut and used flooring. In order to boost this program, Tarkett is working on two main drivers: implement with partners cost-effective local take-back logistics; eco-design flooring systems that can be easily uninstalled and disassembled for cost-effective sorting.

For more details on the ReStart® program in your country, please contact your local sales representative.