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Recruitment Process


We advise you to respect the guidelines we set on each job offer to submit your application (deadlines, specific documents, contact address...).

Please pay attention to join the required documents.


If your CV is selected, we invite you to interviews with operational managers and HR people. We assess areas such as your suitability with Tarkett's culture and work environnement, your communication skills and your competencies.

We may perform tests or case studies to assess specific qualifications. Tarkett will not use the results from the employment testing as the sole criteria for a selection.


We take into account each application, and base our decisions on objective criteria. We make sure that each applicant receive a feedback after each stage; either positive or negative.


Before we take our final decision, we conduct reference checks on all potential employees with their agreement.

We make the decision in a collegial manner involving all recruitment stakeholders. We build the most appropriate contract offer.

We then call you to announce our decision and give you all the details about our offer! Once we receive your confirmation, we send you the contact.

Orientation Program

When you decide to join us, we prepare your first weeks within Tarkett. We will welcome you with a structured orientation program. It will help you take up your new role at Tarkett!