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Tarkett’s leadership is based on one of the broadest product offerings in the industry as well as on its global and regional rankings in all the major types of floor coverings (excluding ceramics) and surface segments.

Heterogeneous and homogeneous vinyl, laminate, wood, carpet rolls and tiles, linoleum, artificial grass and tracks: this broad scope enables us to recommend to each customer the perfectly adapted product as part of a fully integrated flooring solution.

Tarkett creates durable and people-friendly flooring solutions:

  • Our slip-resistant and static control products raise levels of building safety
  • Tarkett solutions offer outstanding cleaning and maintenance properties, thanks to unique surface treatments
  • The low VOC emissions of our products contribute to better indoor air quality
  • We continually look for new ways to increase the content of recycled materials in our flooring solutions and to recycle more and more
  • We also design our products for the lowest possible use of water, detergents and energy for cleaning, thus reducing their environmental footprint.

Tarkett’s flooring solutions appeal to all senses, and create environments that put quality of life at the top of the agenda. The diverse range of designs, colors and patterns always ensures the perfect choice, while excellent acoustics and underfoot cushioning provide comfort and well-being.

Heterogeneous vinyl - Wood - Homogeneous Vinyl - Laminate
Tracks, Artificial turf, Linoleum

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