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Operational excellence

World Class Manufacturing LogoSince 2009 Tarkett has been deploying the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) program on its production sites worldwide. The objective is to increase competitiveness, improve customer satisfaction and deliver outstanding results in terms of safety and environment. The WCM program is composed of different pillars to target Safety, Customer Service, Quality and Cost improvements.

At of the end of 2016, 91% of industrial sites are certified ISO 9001 for quality, 92% ISO 14001 for the environment, and 65% OHSAS 18001 for health. This operational excellence approach and continuous improvement methodology have also been rolled out at customer service, supply-chain, purchasing and innovation departments. 80% of Tarkett’s plants are now using the WCM program.

Tarkett also continues to deploy the SAP core system in the majority of its entities, thus ensuring process alignment and efficiency to manage thousands of products and customers throughout the world.

The objective of the WCM program is to continuously improve industrial performance by developing people’s skills and know-how about their products and processes. We coach our employees to implement structured problem-solving tools & methods. The WCM approach is deployed through ten different pillars, which include safety, customer service, quality, environment and cost. It is supported by local teams in the plants as well as central teams within the Group and its Divisions. We organize internal WCM audits in the presence of both the WCM Group and the plant teams. In 2014, eight plants were audited and of these Ronneby (Sweden) achieved Bronze and Narni (Italy) achieved Silver level.


Antoine Prévost,
Executive Vice President Operations