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Nelson Mandela College, Bordeaux, France

Country: France 

City: Bordeaux

Type of project: Education 
Period: 2011

Total flooring surface installed: 6000m²

Tarkett products installed: Tarkett Tapiflex LED and Pixel

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Awarded with the French “Low Energy Consumption” label in 2011, the Nelson Mandela College in Bordeaux has been conceived according to the HQE standards (French High Quality Environmental Standard).

Incorporating a strong human dimension this educational establishment uses 6000m2 of Tarkett Tapiflex LED and Pixel, two acoustic vinyl varieties, to create a student friendly and inspirational learning environment. Reminiscent of the world of computer graphics, both designs also offer large color choices to match walls and ceilings and to help channel traffic flows within the building structure. At the same time and defending his vision for a greater openness to the world, the school’s architect, François Guibert, has relied on Tapiflex’s design flexibility to create a décor using the names of the world’s major cities thus inspiring students to travel their imaginations.