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Montenegro, Porto Montenegro Apartments

Country: Montenegro
City: Tivat
Type of project: Housing
Installation period: 2011
Total flooring surface installed: 4200
Tarkett products installed: Tarkett Tango Oak Seashell

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A world-class marina to satisfy the growing shortage of berths around the Mediterranean Sea.

The homes of the Porto Montenegro Project, offers 45 luxurious apartments, designed by the world-renowned Tino Zervudachi of Milinaric, Henry & Zervudachi, and landscaping by Martin Lane Fox, Vice Chairman of the Royal Horticultural Society. The overall design blends traditional architecture with contemporary lines of soft colors, elegant stone and Tarkett Tango single plank wood floors. Each of the 4.200 m2 of Tango Oak Seashell boards is unique, offering great versatility and illustrating the character of the wood type selected. The differences in wood structure have been emphasized by coloring and brushing to create the luxurious appearance of pearls and shells.