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Today Tarkett employs 180 people in its research & development department, deployed in its international research & innovation center in Wiltz, Luxembourg and 24 regional centers and application labs in 14 countries.

Although innovation starts with creative ideas, those ideas need to be developed through an organized process to ensure product and process leadership. They are shared and challenged through a Research and Innovation network as well as with partnerships with universities and other outside sources of expertise overseen by a scientific council.

We capitalize on our internal R&D network knowledge, but also seek out new insights through our network of external partners and by collaborating with prestigious universities around the world.

Tarkett relies on four innovation drivers:

Eco-design (Cradle to Cradle®, Life Cycle Analysis)

Through products and processes which respect people and the environment.

Our eco-design approach focuses on the 4 steps of the product life cycle responding to today and tomorrow’s customer needs and lifestyles:

  • Select good materials in the design of products, creating new formulations based on materials that are safe for people and the environment and that can enter into a technical or biological cycle.
  • Use resources responsibly in Tarkett operations, optimizing and reducing consumption of water, energy, raw materials and avoiding waste.
  • Ensure well-being and health during product use and maintenance.
  • Recycle to eliminate waste and re-use at the end of product use, thus ensuring a “closed-loop” approach.

As such Tarkett has realized several major eco-innovations, lowering the VOC level of its vinyl range to 10 to 100 times below the strictest standards in the world as well as developing new vinyl ranges that are based on phthalate free plasticizers.

Modular & design solutions for customer benefit

Where new products and solutions not only respond to, but also anticipate customer requirements.

We continuously focus on providing improved customer benefits through modular flooring solutions. Modularity makes flooring that is easier to install and to replace. It also enables our clients to change floorings more often, with less down time for their business and offering more choices as decoration and design trends evolve. In that context, Tarkett launched two new LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) collections iD Selection and iD Inspiration, offering unlimited design choices through combinations of colors and textures.

Solution Provider

Together, these innovation streams assure Tarkett the components for breakthrough offers in comprehensive flooring solutions and in customer service.

Technology & Performance

Where we push the limits to offer breakthrough products and process leadership for a competitive edge. Innovation in products and processes leads the industry. They provide Tarkett with competitive advantages in its operations and its customers with the next wave of flooring and sports solutions.

Tarkett constantly improves and develops new processes to maintain industrial leadership, drive operational excellence and reduce the impact on the environment.