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High Point Academy, Aurora, Colorado

Pushing the bounderies of school design at High Point Academy.

Located in Aurora, Colorado, High Point Academy (HPA) is a Pre-K through eighth grade charter school currently serving 565 students. Their mission is to provide a strong foundation of academic excellence in partnership with family and community in which each individual is challenged to achieve his/her highest potential academically, socially and personally.

The challenge during the renovation phase became to push the boundaries of school design with a space that could be arranged and used in a multitude of ways, while also considering the school’s limited budget.

Taking advantage of the building’s tilt-up concrete construction, the designers were able to create textures and shapes with changes in the structure’s form work and liners. With manipulations to shapes and sizes of panels and added texture and aiming to create an interplay between texture, color and light with the flooring and lighting design, 1.600 m2 of Johnsonite’s Optima was was chosen for this project.