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Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center

Use of colours to facilitate the use of the Gary and Mary Weber Senior Wellness Center.

The Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center is part of Senior Community Centers, a non-profit organization in San Diego whose mission is to: “End Senior Hunger and Poverty Through Innovative Solutions.” The impact of the Wellness Center is keeping seniors healthy and independent by providing meals, case management, healthcare, mental health care, exercise, life-long learning that includes a cyber cafĂ©, and a robust civic engagement program.

As a day use facility, the flooring needed to be durable and easily maintained, yet also provide aesthetic attributes for the staff and seniors using the facility. Johnsonite Optima 24” tiles were designated as the perfect flooring solution for this project.

The Optima tiles allowed the use vibrant colors and provided orientation patterns throughout the facility. It also provided a comfort level that would stand up to high foot and wheelchair traffic. Easily cleaned and maintained, with no waxing required also made Optima the most economical choice for this project.