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Why Tarkett? A word from our EVP HR


To join Tarkett is to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure, which began more than 130 years ago and which still defines working at Tarkett today. Tarkett is a global Group which continues to expand its horizons and whether it be into new geographies or into new market segments, you are invited to play an active role, because we believe every employee has a role to play.

We value empowerment and accountability. Tarkett’s values, in many ways, provide the foundations that we all build from, by making explicit what we believe in and situating both positive customer attitude and team spirit at the heart of our entrepreneurial culture.
Resolutely forward looking, we collectively strive to build better tomorrows by our engagement in innovation and sustainability. Our objective is to become the global leaders in innovative flooring and sports surface solutions, knowing that this is only possible because of our Talent.

This is why we never stop investing our people. We have developed a suite of comprehensive development programmes both in-house and in partnership with London Business School for our senior leaders. We also develop skills and capabilities, on the job and that’s why we also encourage internal mobility and actively manage careers through the Tarkett’s Talent Review process.

Employee Engagement is monitored at regular intervals through a group wide survey and while many company’s conduct such surveys, few of them take it as seriously as managers at Tarkett. Ensuring our teams are fully engaged is our manager’s responsibility and the survey is a measure which allows us to keep improving all together. We strive to apply the same discipline and rigor to offer a world class employee experience, as we do to achieve World Class Manufacturing.

At Tarkett people matter and Tarkett cares.



Sharon MacBeath
Executive Vice President Human Resources