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Chattanooga Airport

The first Powerbond® installation at the Chattanooga Airport occurred over 20 years ago. When it came time to refresh the space and do an expansive floor-to-ceiling remodel at the airport’s facilities, the decision to reinstall Powerbond was unanimous.

With over 640,000 people traveling through the airport campus on a yearly basis and a record-breaking number of travelers in 2013, the facility required a flooring product with not only endless design capabilities, but one that was also durable, long-lasting and sustainable. Powerbond, once again, proved to be the solution.

Tandus Centiva’s Powerbond is a hybrid resilient sheet flooring, impermeable to moisture and 100% recyclable. With installations performing for more than four decades, numerous design and performance awards, Powerbond offers unique attributes perfect for any commercial interior environment. Powerbond is the six-time winner and sole recipient of the Antron® Fiber Sustainable Flooring award.

All of the Powerbond that was removed from the airport terminal was brought back to Tandus Centiva’s third-party certified reclamation facility, just 21 miles away. It was closed-loop recycled into new Powerbond that was placed back in the terminal and into ER3 Modular tile that is now in the airport’s LEED certified Wilson Air Center.