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Cardiff Blues

Country: United Kingdom
City: Welsh
Type of Project: Sports surfaces
Installation Period: 2013
Products Installed: FieldTurf Optimum RGF 65 system
Total Flooring Surface Installed: 9,903 sqm

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The Cardiff blues is one of the greatest team of Wales. They won the Anglo-Welsh cup in 2009 and the European Challenge in 2010. For 2013, in addition to the participation to the Celtic League, they played the H Cup. It is the first time that FieldTurf installs a synthetic turf for an elite rugby team’s stadium and it starts with one of the best ones. It proves that when it comes to artificial turf for rugby, Fieldturf is the solution.

The Fielturf Optimum 65 RGF allows a high shock absorption which serves the player’s safety: the field was tested according to all the most stringent criteria set by the International Rugby Board (IRB). Moreover, the synthetic grass system features a soft and strong fiber with extraordinary resistance and durability.

This is very exciting news for all Cardiff Blues supporters and indeed players in the region. The new surface will allow games to go ahead no matter the weather and hopefully enable us to play a more expansive and attractive game for supporters to enjoy. There is also the wider community to consider and our aim is to make the pitch available for teams in the Blues region to play and train on. We’ve put a great amount of effort into researching the different surfaces available and I have no doubt that the new artificial pitch of FieldTurf will be a hit with players and supporters alike.

Cardiff Blues Chief Executive Richard Holland