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Aultman Hospital, Canton Ohio

Safety, a key requirement at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio.

Aultman Hospital, a non-profit hospital that opened in 1892, houses 682 beds, 530 active physicians and 43 medical specialties. Concerned about slip / fall accidents in their facility, the hospital wanted to minimize the risk by careful space and flooring design.

The slip-resistant properties of Johnsonite’s resilient flooring, made it a perfect choice for the hospital, while also creating an aesthetic environment that was calming, soothing and inviting. Taking advantage of Johnsonite’s generous collection of healing colors, Aultman was able to coordinate flooring, treads and wall base throughout the entire facility, from Emergency and Trauma Rooms, the NeoNatal and Cardiac Care Centers to the Hallways, Nurse’s Stations and Heliopad entrance.

240 m2 of  Optima, Granit, Safe-T Sheet, Harmonium, Acczent, Wall Art Wall Base, Traditional Wall Base and Stair Treads were installed to respond to Aultman Hospital’s request for improved safety standards.